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Our team

We have a brilliant team of leaders here at KCC. When the Bible talks about church leadership it is always submitted to God, servant-hearted, devoted, character driven and Jesus focused. There are many leaders at KCC leading in various ministries but the whole team is led by the Senior Leadership Team - a team made up of Senior Leaders and Elders (the role of the Elders is to hold the Senior Leadership team accountable to the doctrine and direction of the church according to scripture).

The Senior Leadership team is made up of men and women submitted to Jesus, building His church and serving our community. To contact a member of any of our teams, please visit the contact us page.

The Senior Leadership Team

The Senior Leaders take responsibility for governing the local church, and together they lead the overall direction of KCC. Within the team, both Duncan and Jerry also hold the role of Elder.

Staff Team

The staff team are employed by KCC or Trinity and work full or part-time.

The Deacons Team

The Deacons lead teams that take responsibility for key practical areas of church life.

The Trustees Team

The trustees work with the other leadership teams to ensure the financial and legal integrity of the church. Policies, Finance, Compliance and HR.

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